Classical Medicines


The Samajam prepares over 300 traditional formulations in Ayurveda. As it is mandatory, it has acquired the Good Manufacturing Practices' certification also. The medicines prepared in Samajam fall into various categories like Asavams, Arishtams, Grithams, Vadakams, Choornams etc. All medicines are made available here for purchase subject to Physician’s prescription wherever is necessary.

The quality, strength and effectiveness of the preparations of Samajam is unquestionably unparalleled. All medicine are prepared strictly sticking on to the formula and no medicine will carry the message “without this or that”. The general tendency seen in the market, as the demand for Ayurvedic Preparations shot up to sky high, is that even when some ingredients are not available due to the pressure from the market the manufacturer sells the medicine with a remark on the label “without gold” etc. Then the composition becomes incomplete and medicine ineffective. Samajam medicines are always in full, strictly conforming to its composition. Stringent quality control effectively executed at every stage of the preparation, right from procurement of raw materials to its packing gives Samajam medicines its present value.

Proprietory Medicines

Samajam has some rare traditional preparations proprietary to Samajam. These are normally not listed in any of the books but in practice for the last 100 years . Formulation of this genre are still prepared in Samajam. Contributed by Thriprangod Parameswaran Mooss to Kuttancherry Mooss to Thirunavaya Mooss to Dr. Rajagopal these medicines with its secret formula are the out come of their observations and findings clubbed with the traditional application.

Over a million patients have thanked Samajam for the relief from their illness, pain and suffering. And these patients have contributed to the growth of ayurveda in terms of updating the medicines. The medicines prepared are mainly for the patients both IP and OP. It is made available to all the centres of Samajam and to a handful of registered agencies. OTC, over-the-counter products or neutraseutical products of confusing claims are neither prepared nor served at the Samajam. But Samajam has its own innumerable formulations which are the products of a century old research and tradition. However all products are available only on ethical lines.

Samajam special

Samajam Special

Ayurveda products are not the usual run of the mill stuff. Ayurveda requires a personal touch to every medicine. And that’s the quality assurance people expect from Samajam as Samajam has never disappointed anyone for over a century. There is a wide range of Cosmetic and personal care products produced and sold by Samajam. Many are unaware of this. Ayurveda has a lot to offer in this segment. At Samajam, even cosmetic products are considered as a medicine and hence passes through strict and stringent quality control right from the procurement of raw materials till its logistics.

Even in the preparation of a simple medicinal cosmetic Kajal, an eye liner, Samajam adopts these strict and stringent measures to adhere to the conventional preparation of Ghee based sooth. Whether it be a complicated Moordha Choornam or a Simple Massage oil the quality in Samajam will be a guideline for others.

The century old system of manufacturing is still followed in Samajam. The heat has to be controlled and hence the fire wood has to be Tamarind. The vessel made of fine Bronze with strict control over its proportion of alloy. The herbs have to be fresh. And top of all the person in supervision should have the integrity. Samajam maintains its personal physical touch to every medicine it produces.


The Keraleeya Ayurveda Samajam, established over a century back, still stands for the genuine traditional approach with special emphasis to the Keraleeya systems of Ayurvedic treatments. A charitable trust registered under the Charitable Societies Act XX1 OF 1860, it runs on no profit no loss basis. It has been accredited as one of the best place for Ayurveda Treatments as well as for learning the Indian systems of medicine. Ayurveda the science of life, a holistic approach towards well being of human beings, carried down ages as traditions, as Sanctum sanctorum of this life science, are strictly followed as per the paths laid down by the past masters while rejuvenating the soul and body of the subjects

The then Zamorin of Calicut Manavikrama Ettan Raja had a celestial vision in the general health of his subjects. He wanted the knowledge and wisdom in Ayurveda acquainted by the vaidyas, through ages of observation and learning to be made available to the common man when it was available only to the rich.

The British Government was much skeptic about Ayurveda and other Indian systems of medicine and ... Read More

worlds first ayurveda center samajam


Established in 1902, the Keraleeya Ayurveda Samajam is a singular organization in preserving Ayurveda, internationally.

worlds first ayurveda center samajam


Samajam was the first to set up a Patanalayam, a college in Ayurveda with a mind to create more physicians.

worlds first ayurveda center samajam


Samajam has the oldest research centre with a panel of doctors meeting every week for deeper studies in diseases.

worlds first ayurveda center samajam


Samajam prepares over 300 traditional formulations and proprietary medicines in Ayurveda with GMP certification

worlds first ayurveda center samajam


Triprangode Parameswaran Mooss in Samajam was the first ever Vaidyaratnam in Kerala , the certificate of recognition.

worlds first ayurveda center samajam


Beginning in 1902, Samajam started treatment in Ayurveda both as out-patients as well as in-patients in the first ever hospital.

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